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This past weekend, Toronto held their usual regionals in a smaller city in Scarborough, but the turnout was still around the same (around 350+ players. Toronto regionals usually have a lot of top players so I would've been pretty happy getting my invite but I ended up getting 2nd place, with my only loss being Dominic Couch. I was confident I would do well at this event with this deck because I had previously gotten 15th at a regionals with Trains, and almost made top 32 at YCS Niagara with it (lost my final match in Day 2. 2nd Place Decklist: Image: 15th Place Decklist: Final Standings: Thoughts on the deck: Before I begin, I want to first say I did not come up with the idea of including Sky Strikers into Trains. I don't know who started it, but my decklist is based off decklists by Thomas Barrass and Austin Bare, who have been testing this variant for months and are both really good Train players with their own regional tops. As for the deck itself, I decided to switch from the Shaddoll Version of the deck to the Sky Striker build for a few reasons. Before we got Anger Knuckle, Trains did not have a very good grind game and couldn't really play past Turn 2. The Train playstyle was, and still is to an extent, a straight OTK deck that breaks boards and OTKs the opponent. With Anger Knuckle being released, Trains now have a surprisingly good grind game, being able to recycle resources at the end of every turn. The Shaddoll engine is very strong because Shaddoll Fusion lets you special summon a Level 10, as well as drawing a card or popping a backrow for free. While the Shaddolls are very explosive, drawing the two bricks you have to run, especially in an important game, can be game-losing in a deck that needs to make use of every resource to play through established boards. I found the Striker engine much more consistent and versatile, and at times even stronger because Engage is a really broken card and the Striker engine is so strong individually. Especially in big events, consistency is crucial. With the Toon Table engine as well, this build just has so much synergy with each other. Toon Table gets you 3 spells into the grave for Engage and nets you an EMZ removal into a level 10 Megafleet. One Engage turns into drones + removal and a draw 2. Drones turns into either Anger Knuckle or Kaina that allows you to special summon Derricrane and Super Bullet from hand without a normal summon. It's crazy. The Sky Striker engine also allows Trains to go first now in case the opponent makes us go first, which happens a lot. Many times I would OTK my opponent Game 1, which they would then make me go second Game 2. Bare minimum, you can end on standard Striker board with Shizuku, Shark Cannon and Widow. If I drew crazy however, I could then end on Shizuku + Dora with a Derricrane, with a Multirole, Shark Cannon, Widow Anchor, Urgent Schedule and a set Engage. They have to deal with the backrow first because if they get rid of Dora first, my backrow become live. Then they have to go through a 4k defense unaffected Dora with a quick effect Derricrane pop. If they get through that, I can Urgent Schedule whenever to block attacks that nets me two resources at end phase if the monsters are destroyed. If they get rid of Urgent Schedule, I can search for a level 10 or a Kaiju. Then on my turn, I have a Megafleet + Rank 10 play with a set Engage searching spot removal or Eagle Booster. It's nuts. Matchups: Round 1: Danger Orcust! 2-0 W) Not much to say here. Opponent was fairly new to the deck and forgot a few of his Orcust effects in grave so he ended sub-optimally and I just OTK'd. Game 2 I felt bad because I sniped 6 of his Dangers and he ended on a Snek. I proceeded to OTK him. His dice was probably cursed. Round 2: Lunalight Orcust (2-0 W) Game 1 he ended on a board of 4 negate Apollousa, Galatea and Dingirsu with a set Crescendo. I activated Toon Table, which he had to negate with Crescendo or I would Megafleet his Apollousa. I Urgent Schedule, normal summon NEK, make Liebe and attack into Galatea 4 times for game. Game 2 he ended on Curious and Evilswarm Nightmare. I widow anchored his Nightmare and popped his Curious to try and go for game. He added back a milled Nibiru and Nibiru'd my field so I passed. He was out of resources however so he scooped on his turn. Round 3: Heroes (2-1 W) Unfortunately, I faced a very good friend of mine. We practice together at locals every week. Game 1 he bricks going first so I OTK him. Game 2 he makes me go first. I end on Anger Knuckle + Dora with Multirole, Widow Anchor, Shark Cannon and Engage. Thought I had it in the bag but he Evenly Matches me cause he knows my build. I couldn't kill him on my turn because he blocked with mask change defense mode Dark Law and he OTKs me with Bane and Decimator. Game 3 he opens with double Dark Law and Dystopia. Unfortunately for him, I had Dark Ruler No More so I was able to clear his entire board. Couldn't game him because I got Niburu'd. With limited resources, he Twin twisters his own Increase, discarding Honest Neos to empty his hand and draw 2 with Celestial in grave. Unfortunately, he drew 2 Called by the Graves and he couldn't get over a 5. 5k Nibiru and I won the game. I felt bad but I know mans have been grinding hard for his invite so I was confident he could get it this time. He eventually got 13th at the end of the event. Congratulations Miguel. Round 4: Timelords (2-0 W) Game 1 he made me go first. I ended with Shizuku with Multirole and Widow Anchor. I was ready to be OTK'd by Gren Maju when he summoned Michion. I was surprised a Timelords deck was 3-0, but respects to him for it. I widow Michion on my turn, pop with Derricrane and OTK. Game 2 I set Urgent Schedule and passed. He twistered my Schedule and I searched a Jizukiru. He special summoned Time Maiden and tributed to search for Michion. He normaled Michion and tried to use Maidens effect in grave to summon another Michion but you can't special any other monsters the turn you use that effect, which was Maiden. I kaiju'd his Michion and proceeded to OTK. Round 5: Sky Striker Orcust (2-0 W) Round 5 was against a very good player in John Wilkin (his channel is here: so I was a bit nervous. But I knew he was playing Striker Orcust and I built this deck to have a good matchup VS it. Game 1 he bricked, set harp horror and passed. I did the standard Gustav, pop with Derricrane into Liebe OTK. Game 2 he made me go first. I ended with Dora and passed. He couldn't get over Dora with a Derricrane so he ended on Galatea with Widow, Shark, Crescendo and Imperm. On my turn I Jamming Waves his Crescendo and proceed to make a Gangaridai. I target one of his backrow, detaching Derricrane. Now here's where he misplays. He flips Widow targeting my Dora. I chain Dora on himself and he imperms it and steals my Dora. Derricrane pops his remaining backrow which was a Shark Cannon. I overlay into Liebe and attack Galatea twice for game. Had he decided to Widow and take my Gangaridai, I would've been forced to make Liebe with a zero material Dora, meaning Liebe can only attack once and that wouldn't have been enough for OTK and probably would've died next turn. I guess this is the advantage of playing a rogue deck. He ended up getting 9th at this event. Round 6: Salamangreats (2-0 W) I absolutely dread this matchup. Other Train players say this matchup is so easy. I find it so hard. No matter what I stop, they always find a way to end on Rage, Roar and a hand trap. Also, I knew this guy was good because he beat me previously at another regional. Game 1 he only ended on Wolf + Baelynx and Roar. I cycloned Roar, he ashed my engage and I OTK'd with standard combo. I end with the monster board I posted above at the start. He couldn't break through it and I OTK'd on my turn. Round 7: Sky Striker Orcust (1-2 L) Round 7 was against Dominic Couch. He was my only loss for the event and it was a wild one. We got chosen for the feature match so we had a judge watching us the whole time. This is important later. Game 1 he bricked and set harp horror. I tried to do standard combo into OTK but my Derricrane was Skull Meister'd and couldn't pop his set. I also banished my Jamming Waves and Afterburners with Desires so I couldn't pop it. I run over it with Liebe and pass. He attempts to use Harp which I ash and he scoops. Game 2 he ends on a board of IP and Galatea and Babel. I summon Toon Cyber Dragon which forces him to use IP into Longirsu and send my Cyber Dragon away. He uses Orcust Knightmare targeting Galatea, sending World Wand and boosting its ATK by 800. I then make a Gangaridai and threaten to pop Babel. He activates skeleton to revive Dingirsu and attempts to send Gangaridai but I protect with Eagle Booster. Now here's where I misplay. My plan was to summon Gangaridai to force the Dingirsu. I should've went into Gustav because I had Eagle Booster as protection anyways. I also misplayed by using its effect to pop Babel and burn for 1000. I overlay into Liebe and attempt to enter battle. At this point, Dom niburus me. I pass turn and he proceeds to do standard orcust OTK and I scoop. It is at this point the judge realizes it was an illegal nibiru activation because he had used orcust effects already and stops the match. At this point, the event has been going on for around 8 hours and I've not eaten and was very tired. I didn't catch the illegal activation, Dom didn't catch it and the judge didn't. We pause for the head judge and they discuss over it for around 10 minutes. During this discussion, we were all under the impression I had game. Liebe twice into Galatea is usually enough for game. Eventually, the judge ruled that because I scooped and it was an irreparable game state, he was given the game win. However, after the match, I did the math. 1000 from Gangaridai and two attacks into Galatea at 2600 would only deal 7800 total. The proper play would've been to not use Gangaridai so Liebe can get 3 attacks into Galatea. I apologize Dom, had I done the math properly sooner, perhaps we could've avoided that whole mess. Game 3 he ended on Dingirsu in defense. I bricked with 3 field spells, drones and kaiju. I couldn't do much besides go for Hayate dump engage into Shizuku + Dora but I got niburu'd and OTK'd the next turn. He had Skull Meister and Ash so I wouldn't have been able to OTK anyways. Round 8: Thunder Dragons (2-0 W) Round 8 was against a friend of mine from locals. We always have really long games despite playing big beaters in our decks. Game 1 went for 34 minutes. We eventually reached a point where I was looping Pegasus, Super Bullet and Anger Knuckle while he only had 1 Titan left on field. Eventually, I resolved 3 Gustavs, 1 of which I recycled with Super Bullet to win game 1. Game 2 he bricked and couldn't do anything so I burned him for 500 with Ruffian in time and won. Definitely my hardest match of the event. Round 9: Sky Striker Orcust (2-0 W) Last match of the event, if I won I would be guaranteed top 4 so pressure was on. Game 1 he opened Dingirsu + Winda, which surprised me. Very lucky I had Widow in hand for the Winda. Went into standard OTK combo after that. I made a board of Shizuku, Multirole, Shark, Widow, Urgent Schedule and Engage. I widow Dark Grepher and Shark the Harp. He was still able to make Galatea and mind controlled my Shizuku. He decided to make Trisbaena to clear my backrow because he was afraid of multirole resetting everything, to which I chained Urgent Schedule. With no Babel and only Trisbaena, I went for OTK and won. Overall: I feel the deck performed really well. I've always been a fan of rogue decks and going second so getting 2nd with this deck made me pretty happy. I do feel I got super lucky at times throughout the event. I felt I always had the outs to the boards my opponents made, my opponents bricking at times which gave me a free game, opponents hitting the wrong targets, having good matchups and overall just drawing pretty perfect throughout the event. The few things I would probably change are Raye and Multirole to the side and getting rid of the Pankratops. I felt there were some things I wasn't able to say in the deck profile as I was really hungry and tired. Also I saw some interest from people on learning how to play Trains so I decided to make this Regionals Report post so feel free to ask any questions.


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