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Duration: 93 M Abstract: Cunningham is a movie starring Carolyn Brown, John Cage, and Ashley Chen. The iconic Merce Cunningham and the last generation of his dance company is stunningly profiled in Alla Kovgan's 3D documentary, through recreations of his year: 2019 Director: Alla Kovgan 7,1 / 10 star.

This is amazing music, so technically impressive and soulful, its like a modern joni mitchell. Sara cunningham free mom hugs. 1) he's wearing grandma's ear rings, she didn't know? BS! the gay-gay dude looks like Malcolm X from a alternate universe. 2) is she preg? not a good visual in lingerie. Bill cunningham free throws. A remarkable achievement by filmmaker Alla Kovgan, spending seven years to make this classic tribute to the late dancer/choreographer Merce Cunningham.
Working with both archive footage and valuable sound recordings, she conjures up the avant-garde artist through recordings of his work, his philosophy of his art and comments by many close collaborators including notably John Cage and Robert Rauschenberg. Not meant as a biopic, film concentrates on spectacularlhy cinematic (in 3-D) new performances of many of his dances, executed by members of his company, which disbanded in 2011, after Merce's death in 2009.
At a q&a following the screening, Kovgan indicated that Wim Wenders' innovative 2011 3-D dance film about German choreographer Pina Bausch inspired her to take on this formidable project, finally starting shooting in Stuttgart in 2015 with principal photography taking place in 2018.
Her use of 3-D technique is outstanding, resulting in gripping visual images, enhanced by the accompaniment of the original dance scores by John Cage and others. For a novice like me, not overly familiar with Merce's achievements, the movie brings his dance to life and points to how 3-D technology can be used artfully rather than as a gimmick, or its current excuse to permit higher price points for movie admissions to films, both animated and action-oriented, that should play just as well if not better in 2-D on large screens.

I love that you finished the Cunningham, totally impressed. Level 1 He got that mean playstyle from you Kobe! His influence will always be felt on the NBA. level 1 Kobe had so much praise and respect for Harden and Westbrook. Something tells me that we were his second favorite team this year. level 1 Russell literally just hustles every single game and everyone just thinks averaging a triple-double is somehow something to bash him for. Crazy. level 1 Yeah I can see that. Though I think Kobe knew how to control that “mean”. Sometimes Russ can get out of control. level 1 So when I had floor seats earlier this year, I noticed Westbrook is INTENSE. He sat apart from the others because he seemed to want to be super focused on the game. level 1 Not to take anything from westbrook, but last night, Dame reminded me so much of Kobe. He didn't care about the festivities, he just fucking balled. Houston Rockets NBA Houston Basketball Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

Level 1 all of x's team fucking hates us lmao level 1 Definitely would love to see another john AMA level 1 judging by his last comment i dont think he likes us anymore level 2 Would you please explain? Do you mean a comment from discord maybe? level 1 It's pretty obvious that dude is done with this community. Dont blame him a single bit either. The vocal minority here is toxic as fuck. Complaining that a dead dudes music isnt as good as his music when he was alive, like their bitching will change ANYTHING. John has been a legend. Over the months I literally cringe reading some of the posts here imagining John reading them. I cant believe he made it as long as he did in this place. We dont deserve shit. level 1 Pretty sure this sub has fucked and still fucking its self when it comes to John and Cleo doing an ama again. Half the posts here have basically been about how much they hate cleo, John and xs team level 2 You're right. Hope they see there is still some love here level 1 judging by his comment on my post a few weeks ago he didnt seem very happy with us and idk how quickly he would be jumping to be doing another AMA level 1 You're Thinking Too Much, Stop It 3 points 13 days ago Dear Mr John Carter Cunningham, stop playing games with us. level 1 He probably figures since he did the discord thing he doesnt need to.

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Free concert cunningham park. Lol everyone including me is hiding mini shrek babys and all the other ones and are making people confused. We put one in the cafeteria microwave and this guy melted it so it smelled gross the rest of the. Move to mexico if theres a world war 3 thats wot ima do. Fred cunningham lawyer. Free parking cunningham pier. “Im taking babies just in case, MiNi bAbiES Edit: OMG THANK YOU FOR HIGHLIGHTED COMMENT ahhhhhhhh I love you.

Free time caylus cunningham. When there's a wine, there's a way. Level 1 Im glad yall finally got a QB lol some Vikings fans were complaining sooo much about qbs. Happy for yall. Watch Brett Farve come out in a few weeks lol. level 1 Nice dude. Im not sure if I wanna drop the 900k on one but Id look about the same. level 2 Thanks man, working towards the 50/50 competitive lineup. I hear you though, its hard to say where his price will fall. level 2 It's not worth it. Snagged him for 750k when he came out and end up selling for 998k bc not being able to have escape artist and roaming deadeye is a huge blow. Roaming deadeye is really op as u can get deadeyes on throws on the run by manipulating it and it's so easy. They should just do away with escape artist it's so stupid bc it's a must have ability or you're slow af behind the line of scrimmage but as soon as you cross that imaginary line you're automatically Usain bolt. Sucks bc I love Cunninghams release but il stick with the 91 and use him in Taysom Hill package level 1 Lookin nice! What abilities did you put on him? level 2 Safety valve, gutsy scrambler, and escape artist level 1 How much training did it take to get him to 94 level 1 Lmao Id probably end up copping too... its been a drought man, we still need a few more pieces but I cant complain rn. level 1 I am waiting for the price to drop I made one and sold him for the profit his set was way cheap this morning level 1 I had quite the stack saved for harvest and didnt like any of the cards so I didnt mind, but that wouldve definitely been the better route.

Agreed, Jaime Harrison raising more money than Cunningham is somewhat troubling. That being said, Cunningham's numbers are still decent, and North Carolina is much, MUCH more likely to flip than South Carolina, so Harrison may need the huge fundraising more. As a reminder, this subreddit is for civil discussion. In general, be courteous to others. Debate/discuss/argue the merits of ideas, don't attack people. Personal insults, shill or troll accusations, hate speech, any advocating or wishing death/physical harm, and other rule violations can result in a permanent ban. If you see comments in violation of our rules, please report them. For those who have questions regarding any media outlets being posted on this subreddit, please click here to review our details as to whitelist and outlet criteria. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

Free cunningham coat of arms. Dante cunningham free agent. Free mark cunningham hypnosis. Level 1 This seat's results will probably be close to mirroring the presidential race. Hopefully Democrats can win both. level 2 Competitive North Carolina races does seem to end up in close margins most of the time. Like how Trump won in 2016 while Roy Cooper also won in 2016. I think it can be very possible for the Senate and Presidency to go different ways. level 1 Read Tillis' number at 32 at first, was way too excited lol level 2 Stay on on target level 1 Would there be any change of Trump winning the state but Cunningham getting the Senate seat? level 2 Cooper won the governorship in 2016 while Trump won. It is not likely, but definitely not impossible. level 1 As far as I'm aware Tillis has not been ahead in any hypothetical poll thus far, although they've all been close and have all had a modest amount of undecideds. Not a good sign for an incumbent going against an opponent who still has a lot of room to grow in name recognition. level 2 Tillis barely unseated Kay Hagan in a good year for the GOP. He won by 1% and his approval has been in the toilet for a long time. I think people are really sleeping on this race and it's one of our biggest pickup opportunities this year. If someone like a Joe Biden is our nominee, he'd likely take NC and Cunningham would probably win by a wider margin than if Sanders gets the nominee. I do think Cunningham will win, but the margin will depend on our nominee.

Free books by scott cunningham. Ive seriously wanted this since before they were a thing on tiktok 😩. To all those bone head disliking this video your on your way to hell. Joshua cunningham free fire. Level 1 skin Moderator of r/XXXTENTACION, speaking officially Score hidden 1 month ago Stickied comment edited 1 month ago Would you guys wanna see this happen again? level 1 Can someone link me to the post level 1 john cum in hand is a legend level 1 I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine 23 points 1 month ago level 1 He already did like a 2h one on discord level 2 Well that doesn't mean he can't do another reddit one right? level 2 how can I find that AMA? level 2 Any screens of this for people who missed it? level 1 Also one year anniversary would be i thing January 28th so it's close to Jah's birthday. Perfect timing imo. level 1 man i love john. he‘s doing so much for us 🖤 level 1 Whose idea was it to add X's old verse, from I wanna say 2015, onto Daemons? I was very disappointed to hear that when we all know how much jahseh grew and overcame. level 1 Soon to be Mr. Cum in Hand.

Just the Kmart version of what classical class can give you. I have studied all genres and danced a professional for 30 years. This is a waste of time. Level 1 I like how this is the first game its posted on r/nba when hes been out for the past 6 games. level 1 Is this sub just realizing he's been injured since the Clippers game? level 2 No but you know thinking isn't everyone's strong suit on here. level 1 D'Lo isn't playing tonight either. Coincidence, I think not! level 2 Dude just got back from getting butt KOed, let's hope this isnt a jets like situation level 1 So are we scoring over 80 points tonight? level 2 Nets are a 4. 5 favorite and an o/u of 218. 5 I smell some money level 2 KAT's been hurt since the Clippers game, Wiggs had flu-like symptoms last game so it's probably the same level 2 Comment deleted by user 1 month ago ( More than 1 child) level 1 Were still losing. Im not even going to be shocked if we lose. After that loss last Thursday, anything is possible. level 1 Lmao Kats not leaving minnesota level 1 What's wrong with KAT? I have him on fantasy so I know he's been injured all last week but he's been day to day the whole is he not back by now? level 2 Bruh idk he started the first like 200 something whatever games of his career and then he literally got into a car accident and was back in like 3 games and now he has some ambiguous knee injury and he's been out for 6 games with no update on his status it's really weird level 2 Hes been out for like 5 games straight.

Warning: Some of these choices may be controversial, but remember that this is just some twat on Reddit's opinion. Nothing more. Anyway, all of that said, MGS is kinda renown for its' quirky, zany boss fights with equally quirky and zany characters, but let's not beat around the bush, some of 'em kinda suck. Some have immediate go-to games with what they consider shit bosses, others don't. Me? I don't give a shit a boss' personality. Having an iconic personality doesn't make a boss fight. It's how any boss actually plays out. Do the controls work in your favor? Are the skills you've amassed actually coming in handy? And are you having fun? Feel free to disagree, but these are the bosses across all the MGS games that didn't do it f'er me, with 12 being tolerable and 1 being a pure "WTF" as well as what I think the solutions could've been to make these fights genuinely great: 12) The Fear (MGS3. This isn't a bad boss. I still have a save file for it, and it's pretty fun. It's just insultingly easy, and a massive missed opportunity. The entirety of the opening cutscene makes that poison bolt feel like it's gonna factor into the boss fight, like mess with y'er perception and make you see shit. But after 2 minutes of Grandpa Pickles monologuing about spider poison, and all ya do is flick it out and administer cure it's like nothing happened. From there, all Fear does is leap around, telegraphing his attacks, most of which aren't hard to avoid. And if ya have thermals, good night. Solution is simple, do something long term with the poison, and make the boss arena larger. Fuckers' name is 'The Fear. I should feel intimidated and unnerved, not knowing where this tosser's at. That kinda goes away when there's not many places he can hide. 11) Colonel Volgin (MGS3. Love Volgin as a villain 'cuz he's got no pretenses of 'misguided anti-hero. He's a full fledged asshole, but unlike Liquid, he's a more enjoyable asshole. That said, whichever game designer uttered the words "cage match" for this fight deserves to have a thick rubber band flicked at their twat. It completely ruined what could've been an amazing boss fight. MGS games weren't designed with action or head on combat. It's designed for more methodical, slower paced stealth action. Non lethally throwing Volgin to the ground repeatedly isn't just inane, it's boring. And trying to use weapons is borderline archaic. Solution? Lose the cage match idea, fire and wedgie the bellend who suggested it, and just fight Volgin across the entire hanger, and once again, dunno why I gotta keep repeating this, but implement stealth. 10) Revolver Ocelot (MGS1. Yeah, yeah, iconic, Ocelot, blah blah blah. It's very easy to have fun with this fight if ya use cover. It's not very long, but it's functional. Problem is, all y'er doin' is runnin' in a sodding square for two minutes, and it becomes very easy to just run and shoot constantly. BTW, this is the first boss fight in a game where y'er supposed to be using stealth and combat is s'posed to be a last resort. So why can't I use stealth against this twat? It isn't hard. It isn't complex. And I don't care about all the delicious taunts Ocelot gives, that doesn't make this actual fight fun. Solution? Make the bloody arena bigger, and let us actually use stealth, like having to seek Ocelot out and shoot him before he spots us. Have those cover and ricochet mechanics, but use a bigger arena with more cover spots and hiding spots. That degree of disconnect between gameplay and boss fights isn't good game design IMO. Bosses should be informed on the game at large, not rely on gimmicks that won't ever come up in the main game again. 9) Liquid Snake (MGS1. Again, iconic, and it's the final boss, whatever. This has the potential to be fun. Problem is, IMO, it ain't. The CQB of MGS1 wasn't good at all. Hit detection was bollocks, especially in this fight where Liquid will stand still, but if you hit him wrong, either he'll just move out of the way, or you'll land a shot, but miss the combo, then get hit by an unavoidable combo of Liquid's. And TBH, just doing one bloody thing all fight long is fucking boring. I don't enjoy this fight, and whatever challenge it poses comes from the shit CQB controls and stiff movement, not the actual fight. Solution? Just fucking stop doing these shirtless fist fights at the end of every game in the Solid trilogy, FFS. What do they have to do with stealth? Why is the final boss completely unrelated to all the skills I've learned all game long? Why is the MSX final boss of Metal Gear 2 infinitely better than a game that came out 8 years later on a better console? 8) Vamp (MGS4. Here's an example of diminishing returns on cheap gimmicks in Metal Gear games. A dull boss battle against a vicious villain where the challenge isn't the boss, but figuring out how to kill him. Problem is, once you know the truth, what is the challenge? Ya just shoot Vamp nonstop for two minutes, then he's dead. Then ya plug his neck meat with a syringe, and that's it, make way for yet another fucking split screen moment where the non-interactive half is way more eventful than the tedious Suicide Gecko part. Solution? Have the stupid sodding gimmick, but do more with the bloody boss fight! Give Vamp more moves, have more stages where ya can't just shoot him constantly. Even MGS2 gave him the shadow piercers or the part when he's bullet proof. And let us shoot his sodding blades. I didn't even like his boss fight in MGS2, and it still ran laps around his mediocre MGS4 battle. There's a way to add stealth to the Vamp fight. If ya kill him, and hide, then Vamp will search for you. Do somethin' with that, where Vamp's impervious, and ya gotta get the drop on him. Why do I gotta keep asking for stealth for boss fights in a stealth series? I feel like Mugatu taking crazy pills here! XD 7) The Man on Fire Horseback Chase (MGSV. I love the actual Man on Fire boss. But the Awakening encounter is absolute bollocks, and pisses on my salad. If people wonder why I'm salty about MGS4, missions like Awakening are textbook examples, and nowhere is that more present than Man on Fire's boss. He's chasing Venom and Ishmael all across the hospital, so naturally, none of it is interactive, and when it finally does become interactive, all ya do is jump out of a fucking window, then have yet another piss in my cereal rail shooter. One that's mercifully short and visually great, but functionally, what the fuck is the point if it's so brief and impossible to lose? Solution? Go full fucking Outlast in Awakening. Have that bullshit horseback chase, but have the parts where Man on Fire is chasing you actually interactive throughout the Hospital, and give the player options for dispatching Man on Fire each time. It literally baffles my brain hole when people say this is the best mission in MGSV. Fuck Awakening for being everything wrong with MGS and for compromising what could've been a truly nail biting boss chase. 6) Raging Raven (MGS4. Pretty much everything about Vamp but slightly duller, since Raven has more HP and even longer wind up for attacks, of which, she has fewer than Vamp. I don't know what KojiPro were thinking when they made this fight take place on a narrow tower top, but Jesus was this a terrible location for a boss fight, let alone an areal one. Chryslias works as well as it does 'cuz ya had that entire Mayan Ruins to hide across, and Chrysalis itself was masked by the mist. Solution? Pretty obvious, a much larger boss arena with more destructible cover spots and buildings, and have Raven and her flock tear through them physically, not just with her grenade launcher. The part reaching the top when she's flying in and out of walls was way more intense than the actual battle. 5) Null (MPO. This fight is perhaps the single most disappointing part about MPO. It had all the makings of a truly epic boss fight, one that, despite the terrible controls of MPO, could've been one of the best in the series. A one on one wide range battle against an overwhelmingly powerful enemy. Epic. Soooo naturally, ya can't implement stealth in any way, and Null always knows y'er fucking position and deflects every shot, high or low and knows every trap you lay out. So, instead of utilizing the massive Substation or even the Silo Entrance, ya just end up sticking to one little crate, and walk in a slow circle around it, waiting for Null to shoot 3 times, then shooting him every time he reloads. Solution? Cut out the constantly fixed on your position bollocks. Implement the ability to shake Null off and have him actively seek you out. So you can use traps. So you can hit him from behind. End result? One of the best sodding fights in MGS then and there, despite its' simplicity. 4) Lt. Cunningham (MPO. I loved Cunningham. I thought he was a great character and he left one of the most immediately imposing first impressions a villain ever left. He was a merciless brute, and a surprisingly cunning one at that, the ham. So, naturally, he's a slightly more advanced hover trooper in his boss fight, and a tedious one at that. Honestly, I dunno who keeps insisting Metal Gear bosses do away with stealth and take place on narrow areas, but that person needs to just stop. There's no complexity to Cunningham's boss fight. Just keep shooting his craft, then shoot him when he lowers. And his attacks aren't especially hard to dodge. And go figure, a brute isn't fought physically. I had more fun fighting other players who used Cunningham online than I did the actual boss. This fight is tedious and a complete insult to an otherwise strong villain. Solution? Bugger off with that entire boss fight, have one take place in the actual underground fortress, like that whole arena is perfect for a mano-y-mano showdown, and give Cunningham a few weapons and traps. Have him swap between his laser and his M60, and have him occasionally lob those mousy traps and grenades. And, for the billionth time, stop not including stealth, goddammit. 3) Sniper Wolf (MGS1. I'll never get this obsession with Sniper Wolf. She has one 8 minute sob story after she's been lung shot, and somehow, she's an amazing character despite none of her three other scenes before that hinting at this amazing character? Nah, I don't buy it. I especially don't buy her as the best of anything Metal Gear related, especially boss fights. I fucking hated her sniper battles, the first one especially. Sniping in MGS1 is absolute bollocks. First, Snake immediately lays down, and aims like a 90 year old with arthritis, and every single time he's shot, his scope jerks like a motherfuck, and ya gotta slowly aim all over again. This is a boss fight where everything about MGS1's controls and mechanics are working against you. And the second fight might have that nikita bollocks, but that just makes the fight even more boring and now, consequence free. IMO, Sniper Wolf was a shit boss through and through, and an overrated boss character on top of that. Solution? Well, TTS had better sniping, but the fight still sucked. So, I'd say the solution is do away with that border bollocks where if ya move too far out, ya immediately get shot. Have more vantage points and hiding points, and don't have Wolf always know your location. Sniping is the epitome of stealth action. The End, Crying Wolf, and Quiet all did it right. How the first one completely buggered it up is beyond me. 2) Metal Gear Rex (MGS1. This boss fight plays out one of two ways. Either ya constantly toss chaffs and shoot rockets at the Radome, then Liquid, with absolutely zero deviation from that pattern in either phase of the fight. Or, ya try and outrun rockets and see how fucked the controls are when the missiles become impossible to outrun 90% of the time, and eat away at your Rations if ya made the mistake of trying to aim when the rockets started flying. Worse yet, the Stinger is buggered during this fight, cuz it takes for-fucking-ever to lock on half the times, and by the time it does, Rex is already peeing rockets. Solution? You guessed it. Fucking stealth, goddammit! Here's the crazy part, stealth actually is in this fight. You can use chaffs to scramble Rex, then hide, and it'll actually not know where you are. But here's the thing, the arena is so damn small that in order to even be in the line of sight for Rex's weakpoints, you have to be in its' line of sight. So again, stealth, and make the arena bigger. Boom, problem solved, and instead of a frustrating slog, ya have an excellent and tense boss fight that works within the limitations of the PS1's controllers. 1) Fortune (MGS2. I mean, should it even count as a boss fight when literally all ya do is stand stock still for a minute, then move to another place to stand stock still for another minute? And again, why is this taking place in such a tiny arena? It's brief. It's underwhelming in every sense of the word. And it completely buggers what should've been a brilliant combo for an amazing boss encounter. Fortune is, now and forever, the single most piss poor excuse for a boss fight to ever stain the MGS series. Solution? Sooo many things. Obvious one is make the arena much bigger. Do the Speed Buster thing from No More Heroes where the objective isn't to fight, but to reach the enemy, all the while avoiding devastating blasts from her shopping cart canon or in Fortune's case, her railgun. Have us time our movements to go from cover to cover as we try to reach Fortune or a certain area, instead of waiting on an elevator. And have crates be much weaker, so only one or two blasts is all it takes. Towards the end of the boss fight, have Fortune go batshit and start blasting the ceiling so debris and shit starts falling and creating obstructions via fuel fires or rubble, or darkening the arena. As it stands, Fortune going nuts is all for show. As is the entire boss fight. Looks amazing, plays like ass. Dishonorable Mentions: The Tanks (PW. Yeah, they're dull and the extra op battles are a slog. They are perfectly functional, however, and allow for stealth and other creative means of beating the main mission ones. So, I don't really consider them the worst. Eli (MGSV. I actually really like this boss fight. I just hate that I gotta work against that bullshit QTE bollocks, cuz using the in-game CQC instead is way more fun. I wish this fight was implemented against a different enemy, preferably one where you could use lethal ammo against him, and that they had more HP. Shagohod (MGS3. I actually dislike this boss more than Volgin, looking back, but it's perfectly functional, and also really brief. It's just dull as shit, and the first half is legitimately terrible 'cuz it's once again on rails and Eva is about as reliable a driver as a drunken chimpanzee on Quaaludes. PW. Everything about this boss fights works really well, except one 's sodding great wall of HP, which turns an otherwise excellent boss fight into the epitome of grindy. Python (MPO. Same bollocks as Null, only Python is way more functional since ya don't gotta rely on waiting for him to reload to hit him. Problem is, he always knows your position, and the mist / arena would've been perfect for a hunter stealth boss.

Level 1 It was the same thing with Vicks PU. They told us we needed the final card level 2 I probably wasn't paying attention since I never use Vick. It makes sense, and my Vikings theme still needs him level 2 Oh me too, just a bummer that we can't access tier 3 or x factor! level 1 He just needs to drop in price to 400k level 2 Its bananas right now. Nothing below 900k level 1 I keep checking lol i got my pu randall chemed up to 93 without his last card keep telling myself patience level 1 Next week when the new NFL 100 and Blitz promo drop he should tank hard. I'll be rocking his 91 until the as well! We finally got a QB! level 2 U think because to make the players u need the specific week one cards level 2 It wont tank that hard. level 2 I don't know that it tanks until more QBs come out, but I'll be sniping anyway if I can.

Richie cunningham free throw. The draco part kills🤣🤣. Excellent and insightful film on the creative genius, Merce Cunningham. I will recommend to all my friends. Level 2 They say hard work pays off I been feeling paid off level 1 A follow from Mr. Cuminhand himself? W level 1 John is such a G. He seems like the most genuine when it comes to pushing Xs vision level 1 This is really software is it? Maya? level 1 Dope! You should have a video explaining how it works that would be cool af: level 1 Jah got decapitated 😔😔😔 level 1 Why your twitter look like pornhub tho? 😳 level 1 Why this look like Pharrell with face tats? Jk good work homie! level 1 how is your twitter orange level 2 Go to more then change the colour on your themes. Like where'd you change light to dark theme. level 1 Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares 2 points 8 days ago It would be really cool if you could 3D print that. Subreddit for musical artist XXXTENTACION. January 23, 1998 - June 18, 2018. Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

Free cunningham. Cunningham pier free parking. Cunningham park free concerts. Free scott cunningham ebooks. Level 1 I would probably say upgrade the lowest position but thats just me. I dont know why you need to ask lol level 1 i dont think brown is gonna drop under 500k level 2 He is going for 430k on xbox but I think with blitz it can go down level 1 how did you get every player into a power up? level 1 I would upgrade stout right tackle and get another WR I got John Brown like you said you were waiting on a mf hes a beast so good choice. level 2 Also if you got the coins dickerson is by far the best rb in the game An informational subreddit about the game mode Madden Ultimate Team Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved. I'm calling it. Winner right here.

Lovely car, drop the nasty smart watch and step on it though. Yes bruh.


Hell. yes. You look and sound like Kurt Hummel from Glee. Fred cunningham. Cunningham pool free swim. Level 2 Well, that pretty much confirms it. 😅 level 1 I remember this is an in-game advert in the core rulebook. My teenage years stared at her so much. Cough Anyway, yes I believe it is her. level 1 YongYea posted a video. about everything he saw in the full CP2077 demo. While talking about AltCunningham, he showed this screen. If this is indeed Alt, I'm betting that the rumors of Lady Gaga voicing Alt are right on the money. level 2 I was putting my money on Lizzy Wizzy or whatever her name is to be voiced by Lady Gaga (if the rumour of her being involved is even true. It kinda makes sense, as Lizzy Wizzy is a performer (singer) so Lady Gaga would be a reasonable choice in that regard. level 2 God I would love if Lady Gaga AND Keanu Reeves were in this game. Lol level 2 That was my first thought as well. Would be pretty cool. level 1 But in the Night City rulebook, they use that art as a model from an escort service. Or is she both lol? level 2 I can't find it during my 30 second Google search, but I remember from somewhere that she was a prostitute before she met Johnny, and before she took the Netrunning game seriously. level 1 Comment deleted by user 7 months ago ( More than 4 children) level 1 Every time I hear the word Cunningham I can't help but think about the Cunningham from Snatcher lol. level 2 And I think of rhe family from Happy Days. level 2 Cool. Hey, wanna go burn a city? level 1 Alt Cunningham is a girl? Well thats surprising. Thought he was a dude. level 2 dude? Alt was Johnny's girlfriend. level 1 Yeah she was hot as Fuck before her body was destroyed by Arasaka.

Omg this is the first time ive been so early at Jordans vidkskdklsl. Level 1 Sticking with Vick, Cunningham is only a marginal upgrade as a passer and actually worse as a runner with his sub 90 acc dont see him being worth the extra 300-400k unless you cant use lefties level 2 This is what I was thinking as well. Was also thinking Vick is probably in line to get an upgrade reasonably soon that will surpass Cunningham? level 2 Does acceleration matter with escape artist? level 1 Looking at the maxed Cunningham images on reddit, I dont see any justification to spend 700k. Vick maxes out seems too similar to put the money out for Cunningham. level 1 Vick. Cunningham is better but not by much. No new abilities either. level 1 Vick because its Vick, man...

Tell em Omar😂. Wow. love this stuff. Kid gets bullied Teachers: eh who cares kid hides mini babies Teachers: OMG WHO HID THESE MINI BABIES IM FINDING WHO DID DIS gets punishment to hide something else Logic😂😑😂😑. Lmao the one of the four dislikes is the mini baby that fell over the fence. The other three are its family. No one: Not a single soul: Jordan recording: SCHOOL BUS. Cunningham park free movies. 10 outa 10 for attempt at gud quality content.


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